Trinity Square Research Customer Satisfaction Surveys & Interviews

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest
source of learning.

- Bill Gates

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Customers are becoming ever more demanding in their requirements and sophisticated in their expectations. High customer satisfaction is a primary driver of growth and an invaluable marketing and public relations opportunity. The measurement thereof must be a key performance indicator. Exceptional customer service is a valuable USP.

All our customer satisfaction surveys are custom made to reflect our client's requirements. Online, semi-automated surveys are appropriate for many businesses, whilst for others a more personal approach works best. For example we can assist you with the following:

  • Produce and manage on your behalf online surveys for your clients to complete.
  • Assistance in compiling the survey.
  • Conduct individual telephone interviews on your behalf with key clients.

Following the interviews we produce a 'Customer Satisfaction Report' for each client. The data obtained is collated and a detailed Executive Summary provided, giving thorough, impartial analysis of your customers' experience, concerns, expectations and new business opportunities.

Specifically our Customer Survey Services will provide you with invaluable insight into:

  • The customers you are most at risk of losing, and how to retain them.
  • Identify new sales opportunities with these clients.
  • 'Soft sell' other products or services the client may not be aware of.
  • How to overcome the barriers to winning more business.
  • The actions you can take to build closer customer relationships and win more business.
  • Ways to maximise your strengths and address weaknesses.
  • Build a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Identify improvements which will increase service efficiency and productivity.
Benchmarking for your business.