Trinity Square Research Discretion and client confidentiality are integral parts of our business.
The following case studies have all been taken from actual projects, however, to respect our clients’ confidentiality we have removed all names and other specific information. (Client references are available)

Client: Internet Company
Project: Competitor Research & Analysis


The client wished to improve their understanding of the market and rapidly expand their business. To facilitate the expansion they needed to secure further investment, necessitating a comprehensive Business Plan for submission to VC’s and Angel Investors. As part of this process, they required a comprehensive report on a number of their competitors as well as an in-depth analysis of their market.

Trinity Square Research Key Tasks

Conduct analysis of 10 pre-determined competitors, and produce individual reports to include the following information:

  • Company profile and history
  • Key Financials
  • Details of Management Team
  • Pricing and Revenue Structure
  • Identify Key Partnerships
  • Individual SWOT analysis
  • Identify how they attract new consumers
Internet Report extracts

On completion of the individual reports, we produced an Executive Summary Report including:

  • Market Background and Outlook
  • UK Sector Statistics
  • Breakdown of companies analysed
  • Number of overall annual consumers
  • Generic SWOT analysis
  • Market SWOT analysis
  • Forum activity
  • Subjective market analysis

The independent reports we produced successfully identified our clients positioning within their market, highlighting Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The Trinity Square Research Report was included in our clients’ Business Plan and successfully used to obtain further investment.

Client: International Property Company
Project: Research & Competitor Analysis


Keen to invest in a country outside of their own market expertise, the company required a detailed understanding of the competitive landscape. They also felt it was essential to have a comprehensive overview of the political and fiscal environment.

Trinity Square Research Key Tasks

  • Identifying key property players in a specific Mediterranean country
  • Determining regional price positioning
  • Summarizing historic and proposed developments

Field Research

  • Viewing properties and meeting local agents
  • Attendance at Trade Shows acting as a prospective purchaser
Property Report extracts

Detailed report to inlcude:

  • Key competitors
  • Regional price positioning analysis
  • Past, current, and proposed developments
  • Market status analysis with recommendations
  • Political and fiscal overview
  • Facilities comparison
  • Outline of key cost components
  • Differences in valuation approach
  • Finance packages
  • Added value products, such as rental guarantees

The range of ‘on the ground’ observation and analysis together with detailed research and reporting of historic, current, and proposed competitor projects gave a clear view of where the commissioning company should and could position itself.

Client: Recruitment Agency
Project: Research & Competitor Analysis


The client had the opportunity of renting further office space in their current building. This decision involved committing the business to a five year lease and engaging more staff.

In order to decide whether this would be a beneficial move, the company needed a comprehensive analysis on their prime local competitors which would allow them to assess their growth potential.

Trinity Square Research Key Tasks

  • Identifying local competitors
  • Providing actual consumer experience and customer satisfaction reviews of the competitors
  • Providing Key Recommendations for the ongoing development of the recruitment agency client

Field Research

  • Secret Shopper assignment to be undertaken with five local competitors to enable an assessment of competitor client service
Recruitment Report extracts

Detailed report to include

  • Identification of local competitors
  • Results of contacting and placing a vacancy
  • Assessment of customer service levels and relationships
  • Analysis of fees, together with terms and conditions
  • Comparison analysis of competitor data
  • Analysis of areas of strengths, weaknesses and potential
  • Key recommendations for ongoing development of commissioning client

The completely objective data we obtained successfully identified where the client stood in comparison with their competitors, and revealed critical opportunities for expanding their business.

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